June Shelton School and Evaluation Center

Former Office Building Turned School and Evaluation Center.

The 300,000 SF June Shelton School and Evaluation Center was a complete renovation of space formerly used as an office building. The rework required demolishing parts of the building and rebuilding it with a higher structure (for areas like the gymnasiums and theater). The HVAC system is served by the chilled/heating water central plant, which utilizes existing chillers, cooling towers, and boilers. New boilers were added to provide additional heating water capacity. The HVAC air system is served primarily by existing air-handling units and new rooftop units, with new VAV boxes locally serving each zone. All electrical panelboards and transformers were replaced except for the main switchboards and distribution boards. All lighting was replaced, and a new distributed low-voltage lighting control system was utilized. Reducing line voltage wiring and utilizing low voltage wiring instead saved on the cost of labor. PMI provided kitchen design for MEP connections to food service equipment in the existing cafeteria. A 26,000 SF storm shelter is also included in this building. The storm shelter encompasses two of the three gyms and some supporting spaces like restrooms, electrical rooms, laundry rooms, conference rooms, etc. A battery inverter provides backed-up power for the storm shelter for at least 2 hours in the event of a power failure. Separate outside air fans were provided and connected to the battery inverter for adequate outside air during a storm.

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Dallas, TX

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310,000 SF

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$61.8 Million

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