Arlington Heights High School Renovation

Renovation of historic building.

Arlington Heights High School Exterior

The $51 M Fort Worth ISD project includes renovation of nearly 80% of this historic building. Any historic renovation requires special care to not detract from the appearance of the structure. Any MEP systems repaired, relocated, or replaced must mesh with the building’s aesthetics. Renovations include: •Replaced an existing sanitary line in the school’s courtyard that would consistently backup. After scoping the existing line, we found that tree roots had caused damage to the line. •Replaced existing chilled water fan-coil units with more efficient chilled water VAV air-handling units and VAV terminals for each classroom. Upgraded ventilation system to meet current code requirements. •Provided an energy model analysis and determined that outdoor air economizers would not provide significant savings for the school. •Converted the school's steam heating system to a hydronic hot water heating system. This is a more reliable system and easier for the district to maintain. The project has a new addition that will house new science classrooms, where each classroom will have a new gas system for burners, new hoods, and exhausted per code requirements. A new athletics building addition has two new locker rooms as well as coaches offices.

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Arlington, TX

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Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford

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87,500 SF

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$95.6 Million

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