DISD Molina Renovation and Addition

Two-Story Addition Inclusive of Tornado Shelter.

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The $13M project includes a new classroom/tornado shelter building plus various renovations on the existing campus. The two-story, 39,024sf addition consists of a 23,864 SF tornado shelter that houses classrooms and the addition of a new science wing. The facility was designed to meet ICC-500 tornado shelter requirements, including emergency power, water, and ventilation. We also modified the existing plumbing to add more science rooms and to solve a backup issue in the gym locker rooms. Also included is a new fire protection system served from a separate connection to the water utility. We added natural gas service for all new science rooms and provided emergency shut-off devices at teachers’ desks for all burners. PMI worked with The District to review the budget and prioritize HVAC upgrades on the existing building. We also replaced existing air-handling units to provide better temperature and humidity control in the school while meeting current code-required ventilation requirements. Renovations at the existing campus include a new PA system, locker room/shower renovations, and replacing the audio/visual system and equipment in the auditorium.

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Dallas, TX

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34,350 SF

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$13 Million

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