American Airlines Catering Kitchen

This building has it all - kitchen, warehouse, loading docks, occupied coolers/freezers, client demo, and the list goes on!

Located in DFW Airport, this facility serves American Airlines food needs for their DFW operations. This building houses a few different kitchens, several large occupied coolers/freezer, outbound and inbound docks, warehouse space, dishwasher aisles, etc. The HVAC system is served by air cooled chillers, chilled water pumps, natural gas fired boilers, and heating water pumps. There are several grease exhaust fans and dishwasher exhaust fans throughout. The plumbing system includes domestic hot and cold water, RO water, soft hot and cold water to serve the dishwasher space, as well as a large grease waste and sanitary waste system. Medium pressure natural gas is routed along the roof to regulators at each load. The electrical system includes two electrical services, each served by redundant utility transformers, that then feeds into a main-tie-main switchboard for each service.

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DFW Airport, TX

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Netta Architects

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207,000 SF

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