We wouldn’t be where we are today without the Purdy-McGuire of the past. Since 1957, we’ve been running towards the problem.

Purdy-McGuire started as Ratliff, Irby, and Purdy in 1957. The 4-year-old firm hired Dianne Fletcher as their first receptionist/secretary and had five employees.

The firm experienced rapid growth over the years and ultimately built their building at Midway and Sigma Roads. Jvan McGuire joined the firm in 1969 as a new partner, and by 1977, the Purdy-McGuire we know today was starting to take shape.

When Kip Hanzlicek joined Purdy-McGuire in 1984, it was the beginning of the leadership team that would steer the business for the next 32 years.

In 2007, a young engineer named Camille Barton joined Purdy-McGuire right out of Texas Christian University’s engineering program. (She fondly remembers asking, “what is MEP?” in her interview.) Even so, the leadership team of Dianne Fletcher, Kip Hanzlicek, Dan Thien (2000), and Scott Brown (2006) knew they were gazing at the future of Purdy-McGuire. So in 2016, when Dianne decided to retire after 55 years with the company, it was a natural fit for Camille to step into the CEO role to usher the company into a future filled with possibilities.

Purdy-McGuire’s size allows us to have a personal relationship with each client while still having the expertise and experience – and refined processes in place – to partner with the A/E/C industry’s visionary giants. We value these trusted relationships and look forward to continued prosperity for all.

Learn more about Purdy- McGuire’s work.
Learn more about Purdy- McGuire’s work.